ATR-2 Mach
ATR-2 Mach
ATR-2 Mach

ATR-2 Mach


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Discover the pinnacle of motorcycle helmet technology with the 6D ATR-2. This helmet surpasses all others in terms of innovation and performance. Equipped with an advanced ODS system and the unique ability to be rebuilt after most impacts, the ATR-2 stands out from the crowd. Engineered to deliver the most effective energy management solution available, it excels in mitigating impacts across a wide range of demands. Experience unmatched protection and progressive design with the 6D ATR-2.

  • Rebuildable Omni-Directional Suspension™ (ODS)
  • Durable tri-composite shell
  • Air-Gap™ ventilation system
  • Removable, washable, dri-lex® antibacterial comfort liner
  • Emergency release cheek pads – removable, washable, dri-lex® antibacterial fabric
  • Shear-away visor screws
  • Roost guard – provides additional face protection
  • Cervical spine relief – rear lower shell incorporates compliant zone at the cervical spine location
  • Clavicle cut-away – provides increased clavicle clearance
  • Sternum pad – provides added protection to the chin, jaw and sternum.
  • Light weight with improved center of gravity

Rebuildable ODS system:

  • Improved ODS design
  • Replaceable inner EPS liner
  • Multi-impact EPP outer liner incorporates isolation damping towers
  • Rotational energy management disks reduce angular acceleration
  • Superior low, mid, and high velocity impact mitigation
  • Rebuild/crash replacement program
  • Rebuildable Omni-Directional Suspension™ (ODS)
  • Tri-composite shell – a proprietary woven blend of advanced aerospace carbon fiber, composite fiberglass, and Aramid
  • Air-Gap™ ventilation – 9 intake ports, and 6 exhaust ports
  • Titanium d-rings
  • +/- 1465 grams size M/L
  • Deluxe helmet bag included
  • Exceeds DOT, ECE 22-06, ACU and ASTM standards
  • 3-year limited warranty


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Mark Romine
Simply the best!

The only helmet you should wear. Unparalleled protection.

William Madden
Probably saved me.

Had a small crash on down side of jump while leading. No one could see me down and about 5 riders landed on me or ran over me and bike. Got a good fracture and orange paint from frame rails on my helmet. Got some injuries but none to my head. Thanks 6D. I’ll be buying another when I heal up.

Aprell Foster
Game Changer

As a Mom, I want the best protection for my kids. I had seen a video on the technology used in these helmets and was instantly drawn in. You can heal from broken bones, but not from major head injuries. My son has a big head and helmets have been hard to find that don't squeeze too hard and give him a headache. Out of the box, he said man mom I don't have an instant headache coming on. Win! We are eager to put this to the test on a full ride day.

Robert Walters
Perfect helmet

Getting back into dirt bikes after many yrs off of them, reading reviews to try and sort through so many options. Chose 6D due to the high safety reviews. It arrived Friday, went out Friday night on new bike, new helmet, boots etc. As usual with new items I notice some pressure points on boots etc. Helmet....forget your even wearing it. So comfortable out the the box! Well made, shipped quickly, its exceeds my expectations. If your looking you can stop here and make your purchase, great product.

Walter Fredericks
Great fit & feel.

I must admit, I knew almost nothing about helmet technology improvements over time. It came up in a phone conversation with my brother who also rides. As soon as I learned my 19-year-old Fox helmet sadly needed to be replaced I started researching. This old helmet was in beautiful shape and had never hit the ground. I paid a lot for it in 2005. I'm an old-school 65-year-old who first rode a bike in 1969.

Reading about 6D winning the NFL contest influenced me greatly. The $50 off coupon in addition to the sales price sealed the deal. The total was about $200 more than the Fox helmet cost in 2005. Not a bad increase for nearly 20 years.

The 6D ATR-2 arrived the day before a ride. I tried it on and was slightly concerned that it was almost headache-tight.
In actuality, it was a perfect fit on ride day. Like others have said it fits like a glove. I would compare the experience to fitting like my Garne boots felt the 1st time.

I bout the Cyan Delta model & as a plus it perfectly matches my goggles & gear. Very satisfied, and happy with the new 6D helmet.


Discover the ATR-2


Phase Neon Green
Torque White


6D’s Omni-Directional Suspension™ technology is an active, in-helmet suspension and energy management system that is only found in 6D Helmets.


The ATR-2 is revolutionizing the world of head protection by introducing a groundbreaking concept: rebuildability. Unlike traditional helmets that are typically discarded after a significant impact, the ATR-2 is designed to be rebuilt and reused.




Most helmet strikes in real-world scenarios are considered low-threshold energy impacts. These impacts fall below the pass/fail thresholds for certification but are still significant enough to result in concussion or more severe injuries.


A root cause to brain injury and concussion. Angular acceleration is generated from angled impacts to the helmet’s surface resulting in shearing, tearing and bruising of the soft tissues within the brain.


The riskiest of all crash impacts with the greatest potential for severe injury. The helmet must work to its maximum capacity to ensure the highest level of protection.



The multi-impact EPP outer liner is strategically positioned against the helmet shell's inner surface. It is an exceptional energy absorption material designed with EPP "Damping Towers" to assist in progressive loading of the ODS™ system during impacts. This capability, along with the EPP's multi-impact feature, is key in allowing the ATR-2 to be rebuilt.


The inner EPS liner is a crucial component of the ODS™ design, acting as the primary layer of defense. It functions as a helmet within a helmet. This inner liner nestles into the ODS™ carrier, offering strength and integrity to the EPS while reducing angular acceleration forces with its slippery surface.

Optimized shell design

The 6D concept of 'Optimized Shell Design' encompasses a system in which multiple materials collaborate to enhance protection and energy management. The shell needs to maintain structural integrity to prevent penetration while avoiding excessive stiffness. Excessive stiffness can undermine the helmet's ability to manage energy effectively.

Isolation Dampers

Isolation Dampers connect the ODS™ carrier to the outer EPP liner to isolate impact energy from the brain. These dampers have elastic properties and a unique shape that create a progressive spring rate, helping to manage low-threshold energy. The hourglass shape and elasticity also aid in managing the inner liner's three-dimensional displacement.


The EPP lined chinbar is thicker and has a lower density, offering increased durability and enhanced energy absorption for side impacts to the jaw area. It is equipped with a polyurethane over-molded sternum pad.

New Safety features

The new ATR-2 helmet incorporates two important safety elements. Firstly, a "Brow Rib" strengthens the upper eyeport area, adding integrity to the shell near the eyeport opening. Secondly, a "Cervical Protection Zone" in the lower rear base provides extra crushable protection for the neck and spine in case of downward and backward impact.


The ODS™ carrier enables a modular helmet design that is easily rebuildable. It supports the isolation dampers, manages materials during impact, and recenters post-impact.

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