High Velocity Impacts

The greatest potential for severe injury.

Every 6D helmet is meticulously crafted to provide comprehensive protection in all crash impact scenarios. Among these events, real-life high-velocity impacts pose the greatest challenge, demanding optimal performance and protection from the helmet. Ideally, a helmet should effectively manage significant energy levels while incorporating forgiving materials and advanced technology to mitigate energy transfer. It should strike a balance between structural integrity and flexibility, ensuring adequate protection without compromising safety.

6D's design strategy, rigorous testing, and meticulous manufacturing efforts are dedicated to meeting these goals with an all-encompassing helmet. The combination of innovative design, thoughtfully selected materials, and cutting-edge ODS™ technology enables 6D helmets to excel in managing high-energy impacts. This comprehensive approach provides the best opportunity for the helmets to remain intact and capable of providing the necessary protection without being overly rigid. With 6D helmets, riders can trust in a solution that offers optimal energy management and safeguarding capabilities across a wide range of impact scenarios.

Note: High energy impacts can vary in terms of deceleration, occurring at different rates, such as slowly, rapidly, or instantly. These variations significantly impact a helmet's ability to provide effective protection. It's important to consider that hitting a hard immovable object at speeds greater than 20 mph can reduce the protective capabilities of all helmets.