6D’s Impact Inspection & Rebuild Program

6D’s ODS system is designed to do a better job protecting the brain from an off-road motorcycle accidentals.  6D Helmets are extensively tested and developed to mitigate angular acceleration force and linear energy transfer to the brain during impact.

Motorcycle helmets utilize EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam as the primary energy management material. This is why your motorcycle helmet has always been marketed as a “single-impact” device. What this means is that the EPS foam is crushed under impact when the force applied exceeds the threshold of the EPS foam’s base density strength. It’s this crushing capability that diffuses a large amount of the kinetic energy transfer during impact. Crushed foam is what you want to see after a moderate to severe crash event.

With 6D’s suspended internal liner and its respective ability to provide improved deceleration and angular shearing, your helmet may show more visual damage than perhaps you have seen with your old helmet from similar impacts. This damage is directly related to the amount and severity of the impact force it was required to manage during the crash event.

The image above compares a severely cracked and compressed EPS liner vs. a new EPS liner.

The Rebuild Program is aimed at repairing a customer’s helmet that has been damaged in a crash at an affordable price. The helmet’s external shell must pass 6D’s engineers inspection process to become a candidate for the Rebuild Program.


Program details and requirements:

– The customer must have completed the warranty registration of the helmet.
– The helmet must be returned to 6D for inspection/rebuild at owner’s expense.
– NOT every helmet will qualify for rebuild.
– Please send the crashed helmet to the address below with the riders personal contact info (name, phone number, and email).
– Please do not include comfort liner, cheek pads, and helmet bag.
– ATR-1 Helmets are eligible for inspection but are not eligible for rebuilds.


Rebuild Program Costs:
$132 – Rebuild inner EPS assembly
$50   – New Chin bar (if required)
+ Tax & Shipping

– Does NOT include new comfort liner, cheek pads, chin strap covers, visor, or other accessories.
– Turnaround time for a rebuild is approx. 5-10 business days.


Send crashed helmets to: 

6D Helmets, LLC
Attn: Crash Inspection
2861 Saturn St. Unit B
Brea, CA 92821


Contact your 6D Sales Representative for additional details or questions.

714-772-2121  Info@6dhelmets.com


*Program details subject to change without notice at the discretion of 6D