Helmet Mud Kit w/ Adhesive backing


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6D Helmet Mud-Kit by Twin-Air


–  Prevents mud buildup on the helmet shell, a must-have for those nasty mud races!

–  Easy Installation


This helmet mud kit is most useful in muddy conditions to help keep the rider’s helmet in place. The helmet mud kit foam keeps mud from sticking to the helmet and visor, thus making the helmet lighter. This also helps keep the rider’s goggles in place, preventing mid-moto distractions of an overweight helmet pushing down on the goggles.


The mud kit foam installs with ease to the top of the helmet. It molds along with the curves and vents without issues. The adhesive is extremely strong—so strong that once you put it on, taking it off can be difficult. If needed, trim the foam to fit the visor the way you prefer it to fit. Strips can also be applied along the mouth guard and chin bar.


Since not every race is a mud race, some people keep their old helmets to use in adverse conditions. If you want to use your new helmet, we advise putting tape on the helmet first, and adhering the foam mud kit to the tape instead of the helmet directly. 

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