6D® has changed the helmet industry forever. Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) is the innovative technology that made that possible. Simply stated, ODS is Suspension For Your Head. But it goes way beyond
just suspension!

6D’s proprietary ODS technology is the key to what sets the 6D apart from any other helmet or helmet technology available. ODS reduces energy transfer to the brain by means of its 3-dimensional displacement capability of its suspended inner liner. This is something that no other helmet technology can offer!

We encourage you to explore the benefits of ODS and how it compares to traditional helmet designs as well as the emerging technologies from other manufacturers. 6D’s patented ODS multi-liner system is the only technology providing significant reductions in angular acceleration while simultaneously reducing low-threshold energy transfer to the brain.
There is simply no better solution out there.

6D’s ODS technology is so impressive in fact, that it was selected as a first round winner in the NFL’s Head Health Challenge III material safety grant program in 2015. Achieving this level of recognition and success within the Head Health Challenge only strengthens our ability to provide industry leading safety solutions to consumers, racers, and athletes all
around the globe.