Welcome to the 6D Helmets family.

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​Thank you for your interest in being a part of the 6D Helmets Flight Crew! We are pleased that you see the value in our technology and have interest in wearing a 6D Helmet.


Upon reviewing your application, we feel that you would make a great addition to the 6D Flight Crew! We would like to offer you our sponsorship support for 2023. In addition, you will receive priority service on helmet rebuilds, first access to new products, and exclusive 6D Flight Crew apparel.  Please see your welcome email and contract to see your discount amount.

Next Steps

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    Fill, sign, and submit your Flight Crew agreement to your 6D Representative. 
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    ​Review 6D’s ODS technology overview, social media guidelines, and Flight Crew rules.
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    ​Contact your 6D representative to learn how to place your orders. 

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Find out what makes 6D’s Omni-Directional Suspension special.

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