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Time to peak (TTP) is the measurement of time (in milliseconds) it takes the energy of an impact to reach the maximum (peak) G force. Deceleration time is the single most beneficial component of reducing the severity and magnitude of any impact. The more time, the less severe the energy transfer will become. 6D’s proprietary ODS technology buys time, in fact more than doubles the TTP in most impacts below 6 m/sec!  The really cool news here is the significant reduction in energy transfer that comes simply with time.


Current technology dictates that the exterior shell and the corresponding interior liner are tasked with managing all forces applied to the helmet, be them linear or angular. When force is applied which exceeds the capability of the helmet’s combined resources, the excess force (i.e. energy) is transferred to the head and brain of the user. The desired function of helmets is to absorb and dissipate as much energy as possible, OVER THE GREATEST AMOUNT OF TIME POSSIBLE.


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